Monday, August 11, 2008

she was a showgirl

Here she is...the newest member of our family. Lola Bea Miller. She is 9 months old. In case you aren't familiar with dogs, she is a bassett hound. She is fully potty trained. YAY! (We would not have adopted her if she wasn't.) She enjoys baths, long walks, and being scratched on her tummy. She is a total sweetheart. The cats, Libby and Betty, are not handling this new addition very well. Libby is a torked off cat who hisses and growls and will even scream at Lola. Lola just wants to play. Betty has gone off the deep end and just hides behind the couch or between Madeline's bed and the wall. I am hoping that eventually they will all get along or at least tolerate each other's existence.

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Anonymous said...

Good news!! I fully expect the cats and dog to eventually get along. That's how it worked my family at least -- even my fat cat got to the point where he would walk up to the labrador, wait for Mac to put his head down, and then head-butt him. Quite cute and addicting to watch.

Welcome Lola!!