Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Eli's choice

Isn't this amazing??? Eli recieved his Legos catalog yesterday and he saw this amazing Death Star. A $400 Death Star. He immediately begged for it for Christmas. Chad and I laughed and said, 'No way, buddy, it is way too much money." Eli teared up and said, 'Then Santa will bring it to me." And Chad said, "Uh, Santa is on a budget this year and he won't be bringing it to you either." Eli cried for a bit as I was trying to explain to him that $400 is ALOT of money for a toy and God wouldn't want us to spend our money so foolishly. Then Chad gave Eli a choice, either get the Death Star for Christmas or go to Disney and the beach next summer. Eli hemmed and hawed for a bit and then chose the Death Star. WHAT?? He said, " Mom, that is so AWEEESOOME! I weally weally want it. " Well, we obviously vetoed his choice and told him if he wanted it so badly then he needed to save his money. So Eli is saving $400 plus shipping and handling.

On another note, I cancelled our cable service today. My name is Manda and I am a TVaholic. It has become an idol in my life and it has to go. Sayonara! Ciao! Auf Wiedersehen! Arrivederci! Au revoir! Shalom! Adios! BYE BYE!!


Bethany said...

My tv is the only bright spot in my life. I could never be so brave.

haverlee said...

wow...i'm extremely impressed with your choice. and slightly envious of your convictions! God needs to work on me a bit before I can take that leap.
I love the Eli story. Very cute.

Chad said...

Honey!! Where is the paypal account so people can make donations to Eli's cause? :)

I still cant believe he chose 4386 pieces of plastic over a week with the mouse and a week dodging sharks and watching turtles take midnight walks on the beach.

Im glad we chose to veto ... aaaah being a parent has its bonuses at times.