Monday, December 22, 2008

he spoils me

It is very rare that Chad can surprise me. I am famous for figuring out my surprise from even the smallest clue. Not this year...I was completely surprised!!

Chad and I decided that we weren't going to exchange Christmas gifts because of our trip to FL next summer. Chad had gotten a new iPod in August. I got a new digital camera in October. Merry Christmas to us. Well, in all my Christmas shopping I bought Chad a few small things. He went out and bought me a few small things. We opened them a few nights, I didn't make it to Christmas morning this year either. I don't know why I even bother to think that I will. Ugh. Anyway, he bought me a really nice scarf and a super cute hat. I also got a couple of books that are in the series I am reading. I got some coffee. He got me the muffin pan I wanted and a lasagna pan (I think that was for him more than me). Very sweet and thoughtful gifts.

I had to work Saturday morning. The kids were at Nana's leaving Chad a morning by himself. I called him around 10 and he was off to get his haircut. No big deal. I called him later and he said that he bought me a stocking stuffer. "Oooooh, do I have to wait until Christmas morning?"

I got home from work and the kids came home about a half hour later. I glanced at my stocking but didn't see any bulges so I thought he was going to make me wait. We were all in the living room and he says, "Are you going to open your stocking?" What? I didn't think there was anything in it! Madeline brings it over to me and there is a small box. Ornament size. Of course, it is an ornament. I always get an ornament from him and I hadn't gotten one a few days prior. I open it up and what do I see???

WOOHOO!!! I couldn't believe my eyes!! I did not expect to get my orange iPod nano!! It was so sweet of him to buy it for me!! He completely spoiled me this year! YAY for awesome Chad!!!


Michalle said...

What an awesome surprise!! Lucky you. ;-)

Bethany said...

Yaaay! If you need any music, lemme know!

b.a. said...

i can't believe you didn't save ANYTHING for christmas morning!! don't the kids think it's unfair?! :)

haverlee said...

i agree with my sister...I can't believe you open all that before christmas either!! Don't you feel let down on Christmas morning? Or do you just enjoy opening stuff from other people and watching your kiddos?
Way to go Chad...those were some very thoughtful gifts!! And double points for the ipod.
Merry Christmas. we love you guys.