Thursday, January 1, 2009


YAY! It is the beginning of a new year. Doesn't January 1 make you want to start fresh? To do things a bit differently than you have done before? It does to me...I am totally that girl that gets a really good idea in the middle of October and then says to herself, "I am all over that on January 1st."

I am not much of a resolution girl but I do like to make a To Do list for the year. Maybe it is the same thing but I like my list idea better. Doesn't seem like as much pressure to perform.

My To Do list for 2009
*drumroll please*

1) Pray pray pray - Beef up my prayer life. Seek after God in everything.

2) Budget budget budget - Get on a realistic budget and stay there.

3) Health health health - Eat healthier. Exercise more.

4) Simplify simplify simplify - Declutter my house and my life.

5) Friendship friendship friendship - Be a better friend. Take the initiative more.

6) Learn learn learn - Get back in school.

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