Saturday, January 31, 2009

another saturday

Here we go...a blog throughout the day Saturday aka BTTDS!

I just woke up. It is 9:10. I was up for about an hour and a half in the middle of the night with earth shattering cramps. Thank you, Eve. I loaded up on Aleve and crawled back to bed in the fetal postition praying them away. So, I slept in to compensate. Who am I kidding? I would have slept in anyway. That is one thing I love about my husband that he probably doesn't realize how much I love that he lets me sleep in on Saturdays. *swoon*

Madeline has a headache and a touch of a fever. She rallied to make s'mores last night during our Family Fun Friday Night aka FFFN. She woke up with a sore throat and I am praying she doesn't have strep. But her throat doesn't hurt anymore after eating so I assume it isn't the dreaded strep. She is cozied up on the couch eating a cinnamon toast Eggo waffle. They are so good and you don't need syrup.

Eli is playing Kung Fu Panda on the XBOX 360. He wants to be a professional gamer when she grows up.

Chad is on the couch on his laptop.

Lola has already been bathed this morning. That dog loves baths. As soon as Chad took her collar off she bounded into the empty tub, tail wagging. It is definitely easier to bathe a happy, compliant dog than one that is scared of water.

We sold our Playstation2 yesterday to the cutest couple ever. They are from Creston. They have been saving their money for a PS2 and responded to Chad's craigslist ad. They were both missing several teeth. She was in her early 20s and he a bit older. They had a one year old daughter who had bright red curly hair and a grubby face. She was adorable. The mom was so sweet and took her shoes off when she walked in. I was thinking she might be staying a while. They came into the big city to get their taxes done and to pick up their craigslist items. They also were picking up a 46" tv. They were so cute. And we have $175 more for our Disney fund.

I am going to walk now. Stay tuned....

3 miles done. I am sweaty and needing a shower desperately but need to drink some water first. The kids are upstairs cleaning their room. Chad is taking Lola out to do her business in the snow.

Off to shower...


Bethany said...

You go, girl! Three miles! WOOHOO!

We'll be putting the 1991 Buick Century on Craig's List soon. We've never tried it before.

meredith said...

right there with you about Eve. silly, silly girl.

Cin said...

How is Madeline? Everybody else OK?