Tuesday, February 17, 2009

comment war

I know there are people who read and don't comment...so I am going to have a comment war. (I don't even know what that is because I just made it up.)


1) Your initial comment has to be at least 2 sentences long including how we know each other.
2) Commenting on other's comments is encouraged.
3) You can comment more than once but not consecutively.
4) The last person to leave a comment by 8AM on Thursday wins a fabulous prize!!

Good luck and let the comments begin!!!


meredith said...

A comment war might be the best idea ever--
my friend Manda is very clever.

How do I know her, you might ask--
from blog stalking, which is no small task.

Some things in common, there are many--
the most important thing didn't cost a penny.

a fabulous prize is at stake--
a challenge that i am sure to take.

my rhyme is done, there is no more--
my brain is starting to get sore.

Cin said...

Disclaimer: This not going to rhyme. At least not intentionally.

We are sisters, you and I.

I'm sure you know by now, but Mom wasted no time telling dad about the other day's trauma. *laugh*

I want to eat crepes with you in Minneapolis.

Word Verification: crima

Which reminds me of crema, which reminds me of creme, which reminds me of deliciousness, which reminds me of crepes. Second time within the minute. Could be the Holy Spirit, Manda...

meredith said...

this can be quite dangerous, as I am a competitive cat by nature.

in every entry, must I say how much I love my Manda in her creativity? i will.

argargi: word verification.

makes me think of taki, which makes me think of sushi, which makes me want some now.

Cin said...

I am not a cat, so I think we'll be OK.

Were you able to get Mara's prom shoes?

I can't breathe. [/excessive snot]

Word Verification: tryport

Second Try Word Verification: impla

Reminds me of Oompa Loompa which of course reminds me of crepes.

Bethany said...

I know you since you were born!

Bockedi! Bockedi! Bockedi!

I'm seeing a distinct advantage in not working and early morning Spobebob. LULZ!

meredith said...

this could become more addicting than facebook. for reals.


singsj : word verif.

makes me think of that kid from American Idol--which i do NOT watch--sinjay, which makes me think of america's youth going down the toilet pursuing their dreams of stardom.

*sigh* & meow-just for cin--whom I canNOT wait to meet someday.

manda said...

M-You will never meet my sister. Then you will like her more and you will be best friends. It happens. Often. Well, twice.

C-Got the shoes. VERY CUTE! $27.58

B-Birth is a long time ago. Crazy, huh?

word ver: barinfir

Makes me think of a watering hole in the woods.

meredith said...

you & perry ross have something in common. i don't even know if you know him--but he says the same about his brother, which i know you know.

there is a special place in my heart that is only manda shaped...awwww...

are we still on for coffee friday?

manda said...

M-Yes, I know Randy and he is VERY cool. Almost as cool as Cinnamon.

Yes, we are still one for Friday! What time should we bombard your house?? Are you feeling up to it, sickie??

Bethany said...


Meredith, good to see you back out and about, so to speak.

Manda, You knew me before I knew tampons! LULZ!

Cinnamon, my mom freaked out when she heard Mara is 18. You could have knocked her over with a feather.

Finally, I wish you would have been there as I attempted the treadmill this evening. Hilarity ensued.

Chad said...

Well I dont have alot to say ... other than my wife is FREAKING AWESOME!

Oh and my word verif = poorkst

Which reminds me of pulled pork or ham or bacon or ribs which then brings me to thoughts of our punky ... who loves pork ribs more than littlest pet shop and american girl dolls.

Becka said...

Make cupcakes, not war. I work with Manda. She makes me laugh. I really want to win a prize. I may set my alarm to wake up and comment at 7:59am.

meredith said...

no one wants this prize more than me. thanks becka for making me realize that it was 8AM and not 8pm--i was ready to go a whole 'nother day with this funness.

m-i am ready for all the millers & their cuteness. my kids will probably pee their pants with excitment that they get to play with actual 'other kids' this week, since we have been boring all week.

sitting by the computer just waiting & waiting.