Thursday, February 12, 2009

never say never

I NEVER thought I would love to exercise. I enjoyed it when I got all skinny before I met Chad. Chad and I even went running those who know us are probably in shock right now. Of course we came home and skarfed down some Jack's Pizza Fries with extra cheese but that is beside the point. Or how about the time that Cinnamon (my sister) and I were in a step class together. We would go to class in the morning and then head to Perkins for the tremendous twelve.

Seriously, what were we thinking? We were thinking it was hilarious!!
I have been exercising on the treadmill for 6 weeks, 5 days a week. I started at 2mph for 20 minutes and it was difficult for me. Scary but true. I would bump up the incline or the speed every few days and I am so proud of myself that I am now at 3-3.5 mph (warm up on 3-then 3.5-cool down on 3) for 45 minutes at a 3 incline. I know it might not sound like a very huge accomplishment for you marathon runners but for a chubbo girl like me it is amazing. I exercise when I don't feel like it (even when it is "that time of the month" lol) and I really miss it when I miss a day. Who would have thought that I actually LOVE...exercising!
And an added bonus is that my elevated blood pressure is coming down! Praise the Lord! At my Drs appointment at the end of December my BP was 145/89-it had been up to 151/90. Not HORRIBLE but definitely not healthy. I checked it at work about a week ago and it was 131/85. AMAZING!!! I am hoping by the end of February that it will be down to a normal range of 120/80. I will keep your posted!!!


b.a. said...

wow! you are so amazing! when we start having more semi-decent days, i could bring piper over and we could go on a walk outside! i have a tough time doing indoor exercise and the eliptical is in our dungeonous basement--not exactly inviting. anyway, i'm desperate to get outside but i'd rather go with a friend!

uh, my word verification is TERWOO, but i think WOOTER would be much funnier, don't you?

Cin said...

Terwoo!!! It's a new exclamation.

I did NOT know that about your blood pressure. That is so awesome that it has gone down and even more awesome that you are having such success. Go you! We need to do Pilates together. We would laugh hysterically. And NO TREMENDOUS TWELVE. *laugh*

It's perplexing why my blood pressure and cholesterol are so normal...

Word verification: sharp

An actual, real word. What a disappointment.

Bethany said...

Way to go Manda! As dumb as it sounds, The Biggest Loser totally motivates me. Every cycle, I was blown away by the pictures of fat scrunching vital organs together and all the medical problems it led to.

Then, no matter how hard I tried, my cute clothes were looking a little too snug. OKay, a lot too snug. And my stupid triceps were all flappy! Not a lot of energy, beating myself up mentally, before the latest round started, I joined 24 Hour Fitness.

It's been a lot of fun, and while I am frustrated the pounds are not falling off, the inches definitely are, and according to the trainer, my body fat is falling. It really is nice to feel like you accomplished something every day! Sure, I sneak to ihop or eat some Laffy Taffy, but overall, you feel so much better! Way to go Manda, that is a HUGE accomplishment!


haverlee said...

I'm going to sound redudant after the last comments, but seriously, GO YOU!! I'm so proud of you, Manda. Can't wait for the next time I see you because I know I'll notice a difference. Keep up the good work. (And good grief, call me and Jon whenever you need us to rid you of those tempting cookies.)