Wednesday, February 25, 2009

pantry challenge update and other business

Tuesday menu!
We had chicken breasts sauteed in salsa with spanish rice. Not the most inventive use of ingredients but it was SO yummy! It would have been even better if I had some corn and/or black beans to throw in with it. It will be added to our dinner repertoire for a repeat performance with cornandbeans added. Not to go all Rachael Ray on you but Yum-O!

Wednesday menu!
This is totally cheating but the kids (I am not hungry-I don't really want to talk about the huge emotional eating session I had this afternoon-think lots of Skittles and toast with butter and honey and cool ranch Doritos-seriously I feel so sick right now and Chad is out of town) anyway, the kids are having left over chicken fried rice. Cinnamon and the boys stopped by this morning to pick up shoes that I had picked up for Mara for prom. They stayed when I went to get my haircut (ugh. It is fine. I am so boring. I need hair intervention.) and then we went to Shang Yuen for lunch. Cheap and yummy. So leftovers it is.

Man-that PC update was total rant city! I have got to be p.m.s.ey because I feel like I have an edge right now. Madeline is driving me completely batty. Literally everything she does makes my eye twitch. That is the sign that it is almost "that time"-because I know you wanted to know all about my biology.

I got the kids registered at DMC for next year. Madeline will be in 3rd grade. Holy moly! And Eli will be in all day Kindegarten. EEK!! That is totally nuts! I originally typed "nits" and then my head started to itch. The mind is a powerful weapon.

I asked myself "Self, what are you going to do with all your time next year? You should get a job during the time that the kids are in school." I wasn't quite sure what I was going to do since there aren't a whole lot of options where I would have my summers and holiday vacations off. DMC doesn't have any openings at this time and I am not sure I want to work in the school. But if something came up at school I would be willing to look at the opportunity. All this to say that I have a potential job that would be PERFECT! We are still talking details and nothing is final and it wouldn't start until the coming fall so alot can happen in that time. Please pray that the details would work out for the best for both parties involved and that if this is what God wants me to do that it would be VERY clear!! Thank you!!!


b.a. said...

"eye twitch" made me giggle. i have a feeling eye twitches will be in my future as piper's mother.
p.s. if you DON'T get a job in the fall, i'll be husbandless from october to february or something awful like that, so i'll be available for lots of hanging out!!!

Bethany said...

Rock hard sister! And I know the twitch! LOL!

Michalle said...

Shang Yuen -- delicioso. Just had it for dinner tonight. My fave.