Saturday, March 14, 2009


Just got done having french toast with the fam. Chad added a new element into the sugar crazed frenzy that has become our Saturday morning tradition...on top of the butter, syrup, white sugar, and whipped cream we have powdered sugar. I stepped in and made the kids pick which type of sugar they wanted, white or powdered. They both chose powdered. Good choice. The whipped cream ran out today. You would have thought a crazy man had shot our dog considering the look on Chad's face when the whipped cream "M" on Madeline's french toast poofered out the last bits of cream. My guess is he will be making a stop at Costco today to stock up on this much loved condiment.

We are headed out to Scheel's today to get Eli part of his birthday present. (My baby is going to be 6 on April 9th *sniff sniff*) I am SO excited to be getting my boy all gussied up for his first season of t-ball!! Woot woot!! We signed him up for Beaverdale Little League this season and I can't wait to be a baseball mom!! Hanging out at the ballpark every Saturday. Working in the concession stand. Wearing a pin with his picture on it. Seriously, I may become a crazed baseball mom. Yelling at the umpire. Cussing out the competition. Beating up the other team's moms. I am all over it, baby. Okay, maybe not to that crazy extreme but I am EXTREMELY excited to watch him strut his stuff. Which leads us to Scheel's to get him a glove, those adorable baseball pants that he is going to look so studly in with his little butt and scrawny chicken legs, a batting helmet to protect his precious brain, and non metal cleats. Seriously, I am beside myself. Hopefully Eli will be just as excited!

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Bethany said...

I expect lots of adorable pictures! Eli is SOO cute!