Friday, March 20, 2009


You girls are SO good!

Of course I am a yellow! BUT I do have a lot of green in me too.

Chad is a green with red being a close second.

I am getting the kid version of the test on Sunday and plan to test both the kids. My guess is that Madeline will be a red or blue and Eli a green. But we will see. There is a book that I am getting that talks about how a yellow mom (or any color for that matter) can better parent a red, blue, or green child. It should be interesting to see how much I can change in how I parent my children based on their personality. It is something that I haven't really thought much about but I am anxious to tweak my parenting to fit their individual needs. Something I should have done years ago...better late than never, right??


Bethany said...

Dang it! So close! DANG IT.

That is awesome that you are tweaking the parenting style for the kiddos. It should make things easier on everybody.

Stacie said...

Can you get be those tests? Would love to "tweek" also! Thanks for you wisdom!