Tuesday, May 26, 2009

garage sale week

Ugh! Mara's graduation party is over and it is no longer graduation week. It is now--GARAGE SALE WEEK. I want to shoot myself. I have 3 days left to get this thing presentable to the masses *fingers crossed* and I am still diggin junk from all the crevices in our house. So bear with me this week as I complain about garage sale week...until Friday when I will be outside all day long pawning my trash as someone else's treasure. Could there be anything more American than that? "Here is a lovely Barbie doll with a custom bob haircut. You need her."

I am having issues with pricing. We want to make money but we want all this stuff to sell. Where is the happy medium? How much would you pay for a hard cover children's picture book? Or a board book? Or a paperback? I am at a loss. What about children's DVDs? Or VHS? Seriously, do people still own VCRs?

Tell all your friends that I have a TON of children's clothes. Boys size baby to 4T and girls size baby to 7. Garage sale is Friday and Sat starting at 8AM. If I know you you can come Thursday night.


b.a. said...

i say "go cheap or go home!"
okay, that doesn't really make sense and i've never actually said that before.
but what i mean is...mark it cheap.
when i go garage sale-ing, i just leave if i think stuff is over-priced. books? 50 cents vhs? $1-2 dvd? $3
i promise you'll sell way more (and ultimately make more money) if you mark it as low as you can stand to.
think of it more as: people paying you to remove your junk, rather than a big money-making endeavour. because anything you don't sell should go straight to goodwill and they're not payin' you nothin'.

whew! apparently i'm very opinionated about garage sales!

Bethany said...

I'm with Bethany. Totally better to mark stuff super cheap like she says than mark it what you THINK it is worth.

Reading a lot about consumer spending and the psychology behind it, it turns out that people will buy more of a crappy thing if they think they are getting a great deal than a few nice things not priced to move. Seriously, they've done tests. And did you see the first part? They will buy MORE if they think it is a steal.

Seriously, marking it way down and then maybe getting word of mouth is better than having to put it all back.

Seems counterintuitive, but it's really not.

Good luck, Manda! We are pulling for you! I predict a $300 take, perhaps more. And look at it as $300 mucks you would not have otherwise had!

Chad said...

$300?!!??!! Shiza ... Hoping for three to four times that like the first one we had. Hehehe

Im expecting BIG and help from papa upstairs to deliver the multitudes. :)

Cin said...

I can probably come tonight to help. Mara gets her wisdom teeth pulled tomorrow, so I need to be home. I have to figure out getting Soph to school and back on Friday. Mara could do it, but she was hoping to help at the garage sale if she's feeling up to it. I'll get it figured out then let you know.

Bethany said...

Oh wow! Looks like you are putting everything out! Dang!

Chad said...

HA! Already surpassed the $300 mark Bethany. :)

THANK YOU JESUS!!! Keep raining down your blessing!!!