Wednesday, May 6, 2009

motivation---come back!

To say that I have lost all motivation to lose weight is a total understatement. I still exercise on a sporadic (very sporadic) basis but my eating habits have become atrocious once again. I am putting all this out there in hopes of drumming up some words of encouragement from you all. I am not above asking for comments. Tell me what to do. Tell me that I have to get my big ass in gear. Florida is in 4 weeks. There is work to be done.


Stacie said...

Manda- I KNOW you can do it!! You are looking awesome and I know you want to reach your goal. Get all that crappy food out off your house, so you won't be tempted by it. Put up a picture of your skinny self on the fridge and pantry door so you can look at it when you are tempted to make bad food choices. Put the picture on your treadmill make you work harder. Write down what you are going to eat every day and STICK to it! I believe in you Manda and I know you can do this!! Just think about all those compliments you have been receiving about your weight loss...shock everyone even more!!! Now I need to practice my own advice.... :) Love you girlfriend and go get your big ass in gear (you told me say that)!!!

meredith said...

You are worth it. I believe in you. You can do it, lassie! :)

b.a. said...

I agree with Stacie--if the junk's not in your house, you can't eat it! Get it out.
And look at that picture of you & Chad (that you posted on his birthday), you both look like babies! But you're teensy in that pic, so you know your body can do it!! It's been there before! :)
And we should go on walks together. Working out sucks, but it's way more fun if you can talk to someone while you do it. You should come here after you drop off Madeline. We can put Eli & Piper in a wagon! What do you think? I'm gonna call you tomorrow to see if you want to go.

The Butterfly Child said...


How is that? :)

Stefunkc said...

Considering I ran a half marathon in January you would never believe that since then I've done just about nothing. I have no more motivation. And to top it all off, I broke my tailbone Sunday and am now on couch rest for a solid month! Boy, I guess I'm not helping, am I?

Okay, I do the Shangri-La diet.

Basically it's using oil as an appetite suppresant. I do it an hour before breakfast and dinner. It really helps! I am eating so much less! Give it a try!

Anonymous said...

I take it you made the classic mistake of completely denying yourself all the goodies and excercising like crazy. So now you are tired and want to eat the good stuff and you did? My advise? Stop it! slow and steady wins the race. You need to increase your activity to a level you feel good about and is a bit more then you usally do. then keep your diet the same except for minor changes you make over time like Ice cream must be eatin out of a small bowl not the carton. That way even if you go back for a second bowl you had to walk alittle to get it and you might change your mind and not eat any of it because you don't feel like scooping it into a bowl. if you do this you will not loss alot of weight really quickly but what you loss will stay off because you are slowly changeing your life style at a pace you and your family will be comfortable with.