Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mom Elementary

It is 6 days until the official start of our first homeschooling year. I wouldn't be being honest if I didn't say that I am a tad freaked out. I have all my curriculum. I have a loose plan of what our day will look like and I am willing to be flexible. The issue is that I keep finding curriculum that I like better than what I already have! I am 70% sure that I will need to do something different for Madeline's language arts but am going to start the year with what I have and maybe supplement it with other things to switch it up a bit. Oh, the agony of too many choices. I am a horrible decision maker. When my parents would take me to Baskin Robbins (the home of 31 flavors) they would let me choose from vanilla or chocolate. Having 31 choices was WAY too intimidating for me. When we would go out to eat I would have decided between 2 dishes, lets say it was between the taco salad and the cheeseburger. When the waitress would come to get my order I would freak out and order something completely different from those choices. "I'll have the meatloaf!" So making a decision that effects my children's education is extremely daunting to me. I want to see them grow and learn and to be challenged! I want them to love learning and to be confident! I want them to have the best year ever!

To add to the uneasiness (stress is to harsh of a word to describe how I am feeling) I was reading a homeschool forum and saw this organizational system called "Work boxes" and I am completely intrigued by the idea. Do I just go for it? I would need to tweak it to meet our needs better but am I jumping into something that isn't necessary? ACK!

Plus I don't have my shelves in the office yet or my timeline up. Ugh. I have a lot to do!!


haverlee said...

yes, i was just telling a friend who couldn't decide at a restaurant the other day how you always check out the menu online bfore we go out so you already know what you're going to get adn don't have to decide under pressure!! :)

Mark, Emily, Lillie Mae and Titus Man said...

oh man have, do you do that? i guess its a good idea. haha

manda, did i tell you marks mom is THE homeschooling extraordinaire? if you want to ask her for advice i am SURE she would gladly give it. she started a network in spokane and that now has over 200 families. so yea...she might know a thing or two :) dijan4@hotmail.com is her email. just tell her i sent you :)