Tuesday, September 22, 2009

week and a half (or more?) in review

We are still plugging along on this homeschool adventure. I have had only one major breakdown since we started a month ago and I think that is pretty good.

We learned about the Sumerians in history so we (they) built a ziggerat
out of their math manipulatives. Yes, Eli is always shirtless.

They put together a beaver lapbook during our study of the beaver. Madeline drew a beaver for the cover using a How to Draw a Beaver lesson. Eli drew what he calls a "battle beaver" using his all boy imagination. The spikes all over the beaver are his armor.

Here is the inside filled with all sorts of information. These are fun to put together and they help them learn while they are collecting the information then they can look back on it for review. We love lapbooks!

We met up with friends and did a nature walk with clipboards in hand to draw what we saw.

Not sure what the boys see but it must have been pretty interesting. Wish this pic wasn't blurry.

Checking out the water for wildlife.
They all survived!!


Michalle said...

Considering Eli's need to be shirtless, maybe home schooling was your ONLY option. ;-)

Things sound like they're really progressing right along. Couldn't be happier for you!

Cassandra Frear said...

Only one breakdown in your first month.

I give you an A+ !!