Sunday, October 11, 2009

IN and ON

I have been MIA on this here blog and I WANT to post but then something comes up or I talk myself out of being as honest as I want to be for fear of being too "out there"....LAME!!! To get my dry-as-a-bone feet wet and to get back into this blogging thing I have stolen a post from this lady (love her blog and her vulnerability-she is SO real) and made it my own.

ON my desk:

*Vemma boxes full of original Transformer toys that Chad is wanting to sell (I say keep, he says sell)

*Pile of school papers to put in the kids' notebooks.

*Trash can...yes, it is ON my desk not under my desk. We need to keep the garbage Lola proof.

*Orange three letter word cards for Eli to practice.

IN my mind:

*The awesome worship songs from this morning. "You're Beautiful" (Phil Wickham) and "When I Find Him" (Jessie Rogers) Look them up on itunes. Love!!!

*My developing Christmas list. YAY!!

*The need to get school stuff organized and the excitement that I have the time to do it tonight!

ON my calendar (for this week):

*God's Girls Bible Study Monday morning.

*My Heartland girls night out on Monday night.

*Having a friend and her girls over for dinner on Tuesday night.

*Beth Moore Esther study on Wednesday night.

*My nephew's 11th birthday party next Saturday night.

IN my medicine cabinet:

*Nail polish

*Extra Strength Acetaminophen

*Fingernail clippers


ON my bed:

*Summer clothes that need to be put away for the season.

*4 blankets

*Hair brush


Bethany said...

You can NEVER be too out there, silly! You're you! That's why I love this blog! Forget the haters! FORGET EM!

Anonymous said...

Always be your wicked sassy self, for you never know who YOU'RE inspiring to be a confident and brave woman. (a'hem).


Cassandra Frear said...

Keep it real. Keep it close.

God is in the details.

Bless you.