Thursday, January 21, 2010


*I have put all this pressure on myself to do a pic every day. I am extending grace to myself. Frankly, my life isn't interesting enough to do a pic a day so bear with me and my lack of pics. 

*I am doing a little experiment with Madeline today. She has to think before she speaks. She cannot say anything until she stops and thinks about it. We will see what happens. She has had quite the attitude lately and I am tired of it. 

*We are plugging along with school. I am starting to think ahead to next year and the curriculum changes I want to make. Pretty exciting!

*I am feeling very peripheral these days. It is a difficult thing to make new friends or to be in a group of women who have been in relationship with one another for years. Talk about feeling like a newb. But relationships are worth fighting for and I am facing the challenge the best I know how. 

*Chad and I are are officially out of credit card debt. I cannot tell you how liberating that feels. We have carried credit card debt our entire marriage and I made some horrible choices and made it MUCH worse. We were in over our heads and it was mainly my fault. Talk about a marriage breaker but Chad loved me through it. The easy thing would have been to file for bankruptcy but we knew we needed to take responsibility and pay it off. We have lived credit card free for two and a half years. We will have all those cards paid off by the end of the day today. I could cry.


b.a. said...

wow! awesome. i'm sure you feel such a huge weight lifted.

meredith said...

Dancing with you about the CC debt! So proud of you!! You deserve a medal or something, for real. So many people get a bail out for making bad choices & not making them right. You did the RIGHT THING! so proud of you!!

i can't wait to hear how the experiment with Madeline goes!

ditto on the curriculum changes...can't wait to hear what you have come up with!

@ being peripheral...i don't know about anyone else, but i am love-ing(!) you. my life wouldn't be near as full of fun & laughter as it is with you in it. i am enjoying so much the journey of getting to know you. all i can say is....feeling like a newb is much better than feeling like a pube. (i canNOT believe i just wrote that!) but I couldn't resist the shockingly funny rhyme.

haverlee said...

I totally understand the "peripheral friend" feeling! I spent my whole life as the newbie and always felt like I liked my closest friends more than they liked me because they always had other "best friends". Usually it takes some overnight trip with a group to establish those uber-close connections.

PS. my word is Trani. As in, transvestite.
PPS. thanks again for the coffee today. i think "gifts" must be one of my top love languages because that meant so much to me!

Anonymous said...

MAJOR MAJOR happy dance for you and Chad and the elimination of credit card debt!!!!


++MIRA++ said...

congrats on being debt free! i comepletely know how u feel, it probably feels amazing@! i cant wait to get to that

The Kimlers said...

Congrats Amanda!!!!

Belle said...

You got an award! That you already had! Woo hoo!

Anonymous said...

Maybe your "debt-free" celebrations took it out of ya, but get yer bum back on here and do some bloggin! :-)