Thursday, March 25, 2010

To do...

*Have furniture delivered....should happen in the next 3 hours. Or at least that is what they tell me. DONE
*Hem and iron curtain X 6. DONE
*Put up hemmed and ironed curtain X 6. DONE
*Look for new wall shelves. Looking for something a little sleeker but still my style. DONE
*Purchase new wall shelves. DONE
*Put up new wall shelves. DONE
*Accessorize new wall shelves. DONE
*Look for banana leaf trunk for blankets. DONE
*Purchase banana leaf trunk. DONE
*Put blankets in banana leaf trunk. DONE
*Stage living room.
*Take pictures of finished living room.
*Post pictures of finished living room on blog.
*Pat self on back for job well done.


meredith said...

wow. aren't you miss productive today? i can't wait to see it all done!!

Anonymous said...

What exactly is a banana leaf trunk and is it soley for storage of blankets? Okay, the 2nd half of that question wasn't serious, but am intrigued as to this trunk. Which is my way of saying....POST SOME PICS!! :-)

manda said...

Michalle-The trunk is woven out of banana leaves. Very cool. And it is dual house blankets and to serve as an end table and if need be a coffee table. And I can't post pics until I am DONE DONE DONE!! So it will be a little bit longer!!