Friday, July 2, 2010

camera dump

I was looking for a couple pics to upload to do this stupid Despicable Me photocopy application (Don't ask. It ended up being really stupid...but you HAVE to see this movie. It is SO good!) and realized that I had some gems on the camera that I hadn't posted for you all to ooh and aah over.

After much trial and error and a major messy kitchen we finally figured out how to make butter from the raw milk that we get from our friend's cow, Charlotte. 
I present to you...the butter turd. I know, right?
 Totally looks like duke but it was super yum on our pancakes. 

Speaking of pancakes. Check these out. 
We are total dorks but the kids LOVED them! And I have to say, so did I!

Not sure why this one is sideways. Uploaded it several times and it goes wonky. 

And the piece de resistance and my personal fave....

You can find the molds here

My friend, b.a, and her hubs went on a weekend get away and I had the sheer pleasure of watching the girls for an afternoon.  

Eli loves babies, especially little q. 

P got all glammed up and was our flapper girl most of the day. 

Madeline was totally awesome and read to all of them dressed in her funkiest accessories.


haverlee said...

cute pics!! those pancakes are hilarious!! i bet they have all kinds of fun characters to choose from. (Not that Star Wars wouldn't be my first choice too...;)

Delite said...

Mrs. Eeten would be SO proud to see her pancakes are so 21st century. (I THINK that's what I meant to say)