Wednesday, August 11, 2010

No screens. day 3

Day 3 and none of us have burst into flames or keeled over dead! YAY! The kids spent the morning with my mom sans screens at her house as well. (Thank you, mom!) I am sure they were both secretly hoping Grammy wouldn't be in the know and allow them endless time in front of a screen. HA! No siree!  I spent the morning getting some things ready for school and running a couple errands. Picked them up and had a project for them to out their dressers. Going through all their clothes and getting rid of things that are too small or that they won't wear. On a side note, Madeline has gotten so picky about what she will and will not wear. Ugh. Anyway, they have been busy getting their dressers organized and after that they need to clean their room. Spending all this time playing makes for a messier room than normal. I wish I had taken a pic before they started cleaning it up to show you the chaos. It is a mad house up there!

So far so good on the screen fast!! Only 4 days left!!

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