Tuesday, November 16, 2010

a little bit of this...a little bit of that

*We are redoing our bedroom. Painting, new furniture will be delivered Dec. 3rd, new bedding, lamps, curtains. It is going to be amazeballs. (Did I steal that from you, Mere?)

*Eli is growing his hair out. He is looking so shaggy and so freaking cute I can hardly stand it.

*My favorite pajama bottoms are getting old and holey. I am so sad. I bought three pairs in three different colors when I saw them at Target about 10 years ago. They have served me well. *sniff sniff*

*Thanksgiving is a week and one day away and I have a ton of Christmas shopping left. This isn't right. I am usually almost done by now.

*We have completed nine weeks of school and I flipped out and changed curriculum in most subjects. What we were using was not working for us. I am praying the new stuff works better and we can get on with our school year with happy hearts and smiley faces instead of crap attitudes and sour faces.

*The crap attitude was mostly mine.

*Madeline has been swimming in her pre-competitve swimming class for about eight weeks. I am so amazed at how well she is doing. She loves it. I love that she loves it. She was timed doing a 25M freestyle on Tuesday of this past week and she did it in 32 seconds. She swam it again today and swam it in 21 seconds. Her dive was better and her stroke was so much better today than it was five days ago. Amazing!! I am so proud of her for putting in the hard work of all that swimming and really being committed to doing her best at every practice.

*I bought an elliptical from a friend. Lord, help me as I embark on yet another quest to get healthy. That is all I am going to say about that.

*After 2 years of no cable, we have DirectTV with DVR. Bring on SisterWives!!

*Seasonal candy is the best. Dove has Peppermint Bark for the Christmas season. It is divine.


meredith said...

wow! you've got a lot going on. We really need to catch up--i can't wait to see your bedroom all done! yippeee!

perez hilton needs the cred for amazeballs...i don't know i could say it outloud without giggling like a little girl.

Becka said...

I have purchased 6 of the 12 books I need for the book of the month club. Half price books was amazing! Enjoy your direct tv. I am looking for a sister wife if you know anyone who loves to cook and clean.

b.a. said...

ha! we should have a sister-wives marathon & eat peppermint bark in new pj pants!!!
and then...work out on the elliptical?

b.a. said...

you stole amazeballs from MFAMB. which i then stole as well. i usually say it in my head more than actually out loud. but it is a very satisfying word to use. in my humble opinion.

Mitch said...

Peppermint bark is my poison. It's. The. Best.