Monday, November 1, 2010

SUCH a good idea!!

I can't remember where I read it...sorry to the original poster...whoever you are... I would give you the credit if I could remember who you are...but I read about the greatest Christmas/birthday/*insert gift giving holiday here* gift ever!! It is a book of the month club but you buy the books all at once and wrap them individually and then the gift receiver opens one a month. Obviously they need to have a little integrity to not open them all at once for it to work the way it is supposed to. Isn't that the greatest idea EVER?? And if you are thinking "Holy cow, that would be expensive!" then you have never been to Half Price bookstore or garage sales. I would not feel weird at all to get used books for this gift. Would it bother you? I am thinking I might do this for Madeline's birthday in January. She will LOVE it!!!


Becka said...

Good idea. Might do for M.I.L for Christmas.

Emily said...

That's a fantastic idea! love it! love it!