Tuesday, January 4, 2011

obsess much?


 I am in fabric hell. 

Opinions please. 




Are any of these cool? 
I think I have fabric brain.
 As in, can't look at fabric anymore or my head will explode.  


b.a. said...

i like all of those--but need to see your room in real life to make a good opinion. sorry!

Stacie said...

I like all of them...but I am with Bethany. Party at your house? lol If I had to choose right now...it would have to be #3. LOVE it!

haverlee said...

I'm leaning towards #3 because of the little bit of blue it has in it. But I don't usually go so bold with a curtain so I'm not the best judge. All the curtains in my house are solid.

Cin said...

I like all three fabrics, but probably wouldn't do #1 or #3 for your room since the colors are a bit heavy. But I also don't know the overall feel you're wanting in there. Right now it's very airy and spa-like. Are you wanting to keep that vibe going? Or are you wanting to do something a little unexpected?

I'm going to email you some links since they take up too much space in here.

meredith said...

i like #2 the best. What about thinking outside the grey/blue family but still in cool tones? i know, i just took you down a hallway to deeper fabric hell. :)

meredith said...

what about stripes?

The Kimlers said...

I love 1 and 3. It depends on what you are using it for though, plus it'd be easier to see it in the room. I think these would be good as one accent piece, such as a upholstered headboard, drapes or pillows... I think you're on a roll though. pretty pretty

Becka said...

I like 3 the best, but depends on what you're gonna do w/it.