Friday, February 25, 2011



I am SO excited!! (What was your first clue?)

We are going to Cape San Blas, Florida!! I can't tell you when for security reasons (y'know, in case you want to rob my house)...but it is soon...well, not soon...but SOON ENOUGH!!!

This is the same place Chad and I stayed for our 10th anniversary last summer (not the same house, the same geographical area) and we had the BEST time and we totally wanted to take the kids and didn't think we could afford it and then we figured out that we might be able to and then we just decided to go for it!! You only live once, right?!?!  *Let me add that we are not going into debt to pay for this trip. Cash only, please.

I have been obsessing over where we could stay. We looked into Destin at a condo and decided that wasn't what we were looking for. If we were going to pay to be ON the beach, we wanted to be ON the beach! So I moved our search back to Cape San Blas in the hopes of finding a beach front house or townhome that was ON the beach in our price range. The house we stayed for our anniversary was WAY out of our price range plus it is completely booked up for the next several months (yes, that house rocked my socks and it is totally worth the money to stay was amazing and kudos to everyone staying there this will love if any of them are reading this blog...whatever.) So, I hemmed and hawed over several different houses and finally found THE ONE. It is a townhome, one of a stretch of four with 4 buildings of four. Make sense?  It is an end unit so more light and one less neighbor, and all you have to do to have your toes in the sand is to walk down a set of steps. YAY!! Here is the listing for the house....look here and oooh and aaaah!!

I have more than 50 days to prepare but less than I am going to be vacation minded for the next several weeks. I hope I don't drive y'all crazy with my vacation rambling!! And even if I do, WHO CARES!! I am BEACHBOUND!!! *I really do care about my readers. I do. Honest.

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