Tuesday, March 8, 2011

mega mind

*I am so over homeschooling this year. I am ready for the year to be over. I am ready for the summer. For pools and gardens and all day playdates with our friends.  We have about 43 school days left. So about 9 weeks left. It can not come soon enough.

*I am a tad excited about next school year. Madeline will be back to "real" school and I will continue to homeschool Eli. He is excited to have me all to himself and I am excited to try out new curriculum. Madeline is excited to get back to her friends and to a "normal" life. I am excited to have some more me time than I do now.

*I am so excited for Florida that I want to drag out all of our summer clothes to see what we have. Sheesh, if I have to wear the same sundress all week I will. BUT I will wait a few more weeks to unleash the summer clothes beast.

*I have put myself on a buying freeze until after we get back from Florida. If I go on vacation I want to live large. I don't want to have to order the least expensive thing on the menu. I want to order what I want. Now, if going cheap is the difference between vacation and no-vacation then I am all for it. But I would rather be cheap before vacation so I don't have to be cheap on vacation. Kapeesh? Capiche? How the heck do you spell that?

*Watching the show "Weeds" on Netflix makes Chad want to smoke pot. Ok, it makes me want to smoke pot too. BUT we are WAY past that stage in our lives and it is illegal.

*One of my favorite movies as a kid was "The Incredible Shrinking Woman" with Lily Tomlin. This is my favorite scene. Pure hilarity!!

*Another favorite was "Xanadu" with Olivia Newton-John.

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b.a. said...

i thought you guys gave up on weeds!?!? (but i'm kinda glad you didn't.)

p.s. don't got to colorado. it's legal there. no matter how old you are.