Thursday, April 7, 2011


Chad and I went on a date last night. Out for sushi (delicious but service was and then to Half Price Books. I wanted to look at diet books. Chad wanted to look for beekeeping books (more on that in another post.)  Neither one of us found anything. Boo. I always look at the kids' books in hopes of finding an amazing find for my kidlets. I love books and want them to love books too.

I checked the "religious chapter books" section for Madeline. There are a couple series of books that she really likes in that section but nothing new and fun this time*. Boo. Then I perused the regular chapter books section. I about threw up. Here are books for adolescents....aka CHILDREN...and one of the series was called Demonata. Sounds like an encouraging read, right? Chad picked up a book from another series with a disturbing title that I can't remember and read the first paragraph of the first book. He had me read it even though I totally didn't want to and it was the most graphic and disgusting thing I have ever read. WHAT THE HECK?!?! Seriously?!!??!?! What parent would let their CHILDREN read that garbage? Do people not realize that this evil is REAL?!? I was shocked to see how many series for CHILDREN focused on supernatural darkness and evil. It makes me mad that this garbage is so easily accessible and how many parents think "as long as my child is reading then I don't care what they are reading." Our CHILDREN are being introduced to this junk at such an early age in the name of promoting literacy!!  Let's not worry about what is now in their hearts and minds and what disturbing images they are thinking about as long as they are reading for at least 20 minutes a day. Ugh.

It is just another ploy of the enemy to rob our CHILDREN of their innocence!!

Come, Lord Jesus! Restore the innocence of our CHILDREN! Open our eyes to the ways of the enemy so we can stand firm!! Thank you for your victory on the cross! This battle is already won!!

*I am not one of those moms who makes their kids read only Christian books. There are so many wonderful books out there and I want to expose my kids to great literature.


meredith said...

I am equally disturbed at the magical/dark/demonic/vampire/zombie genre that is now prevalent in our culture. stupid stephanie meyer and her "angelic" dreams...

Mitch said...

To add to the madness, a greater portion of the parents out there aren't aware and/or don't even CARE what their children are watching or reading. I am appalled at the amount of times I see parents throw children in front of a computer or a tv as a "babysitting" tool so they can attend to their own needs. The things my 10-year old godson was watching on YouTube put me into a fit of anger. And we wonder why he has social problems in school. It's terribly sad and heartbreaking.

YOU are an AMAZING mother!! Your kids are so very, very, very lucky.