Monday, April 4, 2011


We decided to move people around in our house...again. There are 4 people and a dog in our house. We have 3 bedrooms. We have all lived in each of the bedrooms at one point or another...except Eli. He hasn't lived in our (Chad and I) current bedroom and we haven't lived in the back bedroom. I guess Madeline is the only one to live in them all. Are you confused yet? Let's take a look back.

2002-We moved in. Chad and I were in the upper half story bedroom. Madeline was in the front bedroom (facing the front yard) Eli wasn't born yet but his room was the back bedroom (facing the backyard.) Chad's grandma was worried that we were upstairs and the kids were downstairs in case someone broke into our house. She mentioned it often. On a side note, she would also send me SIDS articles when she found out our babies slept on their tummies.

2006-Chad and I move to the front bedroom. We make the upper half story into a family room/playroom. The kids had beds and their dressers in the back bedroom. We loved this arrangement! It was like our house was twice as big with all that extra living space. But the kids were severely cramped in their bedroom even though it was only for sleeping and getting dressed.

2008-The back bedroom becomes the office. The kids are moved upstairs into the playroom. Chad and I remain in the front bedroom.

2009-The office becomes the homeschool room.

2011-We are going to move Eli to the back bedroom this summer. Madeline will have the upstairs to herself. Chad and I will stay where we are. We just redid that room and we love it. Plus our bedroom furniture would never fit up the stairs. The computer and office stuff will go to the basement where it was when we first moved in. Eli and I will do all our homeschool stuff in the kitchen and living room. With only homeschooling one it will be much easier to keep all his school stuff contained in a basket or something.

The back bedroom has this weird texture that is like concrete. So we are going to gut the room. Replace the windows and redrywall. It will be quite the project for us non-DIYers, but we know some pretty handy people that we hope will help us!

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