Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Topo Gigio - Strangers in the night [Esp - Eng Sub]

Every year we watch the Santa Clause movies that star Tim Allen as Santa. There is a scene in the first movie where Santa AKA Tim Allen is being interrogated by the Police and they are asking him his name. The scene goes like this:

Det. Nunzio: [after Scott got arrested] Look, I know you're Scott Calvin. You know you're Scott Calvin. So let's make this simple: I say 'name', you say 'Scott Calvin'.
[gestures Scott to come close]
Scott Calvin: Kris Kringle.
Scott Calvin: Sinterklaas.
Det. Nunzio: [annoyed] Name!
Scott Calvin: Pere Noel. Babbo Natale. Pelznickel.
[imitates Ed Sullivan]
Scott Calvin: Topo Gigio!
Det. Nunzio: Okay, Calvin, maybe a couple of hours in the tank will change your mind.

I have assumed for years that Topo Gigio was the name for Santa in another language that I didn't know. Chad and I were talking about that movie and I asked, 'Who is Topo Gigio?" After perusing the internet we found out he is an Italian mouse puppet that used to appear on the Ed Sullivan show. I never would have guessed that!! Thanks to youtube we were able to watch Topo in action and now you can too!!

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