Sunday, July 27, 2008

a busy week

Crazy! We had the busiest week so far this summer. The kids went to VBS at Lutheran Church of Hope and they LOVED it!! It is so high energy and entertaining that it keeps there attention and the really nice thing is that they learn so much about who God is. It is our favorite week of the summer. It is all topped off with "Taste of Hope". It is their summer festival with blow up slides, a mechanical bull, a water slide, free food (including cotton candy-my favorite), and fireworks. There are SO many people that we ended up waiting an hour in line for cotton candy. I know, crazy. But the kids were willing to wait so I was too. There was only one line cutter in the cotton candy line which I immediately pointed out to him the end of the line. His 2 little girl friends were not happy with me. Oh well. The fireworks were AMAZING!! Even better than the Yankee Doodle Pops at the Capital fireworks. We loved them!!

Madeline had her orthodontist appointment on Wednesday. The poor little thing has been nervous ever since I made the appointment a month ago. Dr. Hipp was very nice and he made Madeline feel very comfortable. He looked, and wiggled, and measured. She is short of space in her mouth by 6mm. 4 teeth need to be pulled to make room for her giant adult teeth that are lining up behind each other. Then we see him again in 8 months to see if anything else needs to be done to prepare her for the inevitable...braces. Eek!

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