Monday, July 7, 2008

Peeping Tom

I LOVE reading blogs! It could be a complete stranger or someone I know who is a friend of a friend. I get sucked into their little world for a few posts and before I know it I have spent 2 hours reading about their life. Why is that? Am I so bored with my own life that I feel like I need to venture out for new and exciting things? The blogs I tend to gravitate to are very similar to my life. Married, 2 or more kids, life in suburbia. Am I comparing myself to these clever, witty moms who have droves of readers every day? Am I jealous that their life seems so much more exciting than mine? I mean, come on. My life is pretty exciting at times and other times it is a life of contentness (is that even a real word? Content-ness?) Being content. Whatever.

Or is it the voyeurism of it all? I also LOVE looking in people's windows at night to see how they have their house decorated. Its not like I am creeping around at night peeping into their windows. But if I am driving by and your light is on and your curtain is open. I am looking. Is that crazy? This is so pathetic but I also look at houses that are for sale on the internet to see how they are decorated. Have you ever looked at and looked at the signature homes? Houses that are uber expensive? HILARIOUS! They are so tacky and gaudy. Crazy green and floral striped wallpaper all over the walls. Gold fixtures. Formica countertops in a kitchen that is bigger than my entire house. And they want 1.7 million dollars for it? WHA? Are you kidding me? Those rich people are nuts! Get me a 1800 square foot craftsman style house with built-ins that looks like it popped out of the Pottery barn catalog any day over a 6700 square foot foo-foo house. But my dream house would have a few touches here and there of a bit more whimsy than Pottery Barn.

Chad and I picked up the kids in Okoboji on Saturday and we went to a gift store called "The Barn Swallow". There was a lamp that was AMAZING that I wanted SOOO bad but it was a tad pricey. It was this very stately looking pig dressed up as a General or something with a lamp shade on it. It was the perfect conversation piece. I loved it! Chad does not share my affection for quirky home accessories. He thought it was crazy. See? I think I AM crazy!

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RHurst said...

No one can blame you for being curious. I know I also have an addiction to reading random blogs. I am always clicking the "next blog" button to see what stories await! One moment I am reading about romance and sabotage, the next could be about real estate in Cedar Rapids! You never know where the wonderful world of blogging will take you.