Thursday, July 10, 2008

just like me

Oy vey! Poor Madeline has been "blessed" with her mama's genetics. We went for a follow up eye exam this afternoon because her eye exam 6 months ago was crazy. It is never encouraging to hear the eye dr. who has been in the business for over 30 years say, "I have never seen one so young that needs glasses this strong after their first exam. I am used to kids her age to be in the -100 range. She is -300. And by the way, she will need bifocals." Wha? So he wanted to see her every 6 months. We ventured in and she was a gem through the whole exam, rattling off the letters like a pro. Her prescription has changed in both eyes by 3 points. I have no idea what that really means except new glasses are in Madeline's very near future. He asked if she has gone through a growth spurt since her last exam and she definitely has. I think she has grown about 3 inches in the last year. Crazy! I guess because she has shot up like a weed the eye change isn't that big of a deal. Then he asked me the dreaded question, "How are your eyes, mom." Does blind as a freaking bat mean anything to you? The poor girl is destined to have crappy eyes because of me. Not a good feeling.

Not only does Madeline have to deal with eye issues, but she has acquired my teeth. Ugh. I had crazy snaggle teeth as a kid, had a bunch of baby teeth pulled, and had braces for 9 months (which I guess in braces world that isn't very long). Her teeth are WAY crazier than mine were. Her bottom adult teeth are literally lining up behind one another and her baby teeth aren't loose at all. She looks like a shark with all the rows of teeth. Her dentist is taking a very relaxed wait and see approach but after her last cleaning recommended she see an orthodontist to see what they want him to do to make more room in her small mouth. We have an appointment for July 23rd. I am so anxious to hear what they say. I can guarantee they will want 4-6 teeth pulled to make room for her gigantic adult teeth. Even her dentist (who we love and completely trust) said her 2 front teeth are huge. Thankfully they are coming in nice and straight. *knock on wood*

I had to deal with these issues as a kid and I felt very awkward because of them. I was the only one who had glasses. I was the only one with crazy teeth. I don't remember being made fun of but I felt different and it wasn't fun. I pray to God that Madeline doesn't go through what I went through mentally as a kid. She is such a fun loving, smart, and clever girl that I pray she doesn't feel held back by her insecurities like I did and still do to an extent. I pray that I don't project my fears onto her and for her to feel like there is something wrong with her. I pray that as her mom I can help build her up to know that she is so special and that God made her exactly who she is.

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