Sunday, July 13, 2008

you know what this means

Oh my goodness! You know what I just realized? I am beach bound in 11 months. Real beach bound where gorgeous women in itty bitty bikinis play beach volley ball with not a jiggle in sight. Not Northwest Aquatic Center bound where all the other fat moms feel better about themselves when they see a mom fatter than they are in their swimsuits reminiscent of the hippos in Fantasia. I need to lose weight!!! ACK!

Before pic

So here begins my weight loss journal. And I have decided to start it tonight after I gorged my self on El Aguila Real cheese dip and chips and ate half a sleeve of strawberry creme wafers.
Day 1-current weight not known. Will weigh when I get to work on Tuesday night. But my Mii on WiiFit is obese. I hate that word. But alas, there is truth to the sentiment.
Plus, I need to lose weight for my health. I have "elevated" blood pressure. Not high enough to be on meds and it would probably correct itself if I did not resemble the above pic.

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Becka McGinn said...

Do you love Wii fitness? I want to buy it, but I know nothing about it.