Friday, August 29, 2008

unapproved reading material

I went to Wellspring today, walked straight to the parenting section and grabbed about 12 different books. I sat down in the coffee shop and started thumbing through them. I walked out with *check this out, Meredith* Have a New Kid by Friday by Kevin Lehman. Madeline saw it on the front seat of the car when I picked her up from school and said, "What?? I hate that book!!" I better start reading...

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meredith said...

hahahahah! wait until you get to like day thursday and he is saying, "make sure you don't let your kid know what your plan is." he is funny. also, there is a link on focus on the family for three days of him hosting the 1/2 hour parenting show. it is an overview of the book. he had me at hello.

it is about 3/4 way down...three of them titled "game plan for successful parenting, part 1-3".

great for the hubby to listen to & get in the loop too. i don't know about you, but i always read the book, then implement the plan & forget to clue the muscles behind the operation about it. ;)