Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Here is a perfect example of how my kids are different.

Eli is learning about the letter "A" in pre-k. I asked him, "So, I see you are learning about the letter A in school. What sound does it make?" Eli replied, "A as in Gorilla." I am pretty sure he meant Ape.

Madeline has to read 20 chapter books this year. She has already read the Illustrated Children's Classic series version of "Black Beauty". I told her she should pick out another one to read (we bought her a huge set of 20 at Costco last year for Christmas). She comes down with "Jane Eyre".

We have "A" as in Gorilla and "Jane Eyre" as our offspring. How does that happen??

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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful combination. Everyone needs a little bit of the poetic and sensitive; and then a little bit of the humor and simplicity. :-)