Thursday, September 18, 2008

missing him and a rogue hair

I miss my hubby. He has been gone for 4 days. He should be home today. I need to post about him when I get the chance. He is such an interesting man but I think it takes people a long time to get to know him. I want people to know him like I know him (well, not exactly like I know him..that would be nasty.)

I have this rogue hair on my face. Actually, it is more like a whisker. Ugh. Does that sound as gross as I think it does? Do other women get whiskers and not talk about them? I need to go pluck. Or I could be like Rosie O'Donnell and grow it out and put a bead on the end. Did anyone else see that episode of her old know the one where she wasn't an angry lesbian? Or maybe she was an angry lesbian but had the skills to be "the Queen of Nice". Whatever.


meredith said...

thought of you yesterday, driving in the country...saw a bunch of birds on a wire. i wondered what they were thinking.

maybe about women in their 30's with lone whiskers...mine grows from the neck. gross.

hubbie is gone too...a four day stint in st. far, not so bad. the kids have been locked in their rooms & just shove pbj under the door with a spoon. they should be good till saturday, right?

just kidding.

manda said...

I usually leave a timed feeder with cereal in it for the kids and a giant gerbil water bottle. It works for at least 4 day but then their tongues get sore from licking that little ball.

Haverlee said...

i too have one random hair that shows up every now and then. but its so fine i don't notice it til its like, 1/2 an inch long.
and yes, that's as gross as you think it sounds.

Bethany said...

Thank God I am not the only one. One piece of friendly advice... NEVER USE THOSE SALLY HANSEN WAX STRIPS FROM WALGREENS! EVER! OMG, could I tell you horror stories.

I think I get what you mean about Chad. Mark is not generous with his personality at first either.

Hope he gets back soon! You could sing "Comin' Home Baby" by Mel Torme for him!