Tuesday, September 16, 2008

stolen and condensed

I am stealing this from Meredith...

10...or how about 5 Things I Am Enjoying Right Now

Heartland Assembly
Chad and I and our kids have been visiting Heartland for 3 weeks and we love it. We have all been challenged and encouraged and we are all learning so much. It is a HUGE blessing and a miracle that we are there and I can't thank God enough for directing our path.

My absolute favorite season is fall. It is great sleeping weather. I love getting all cozied up in my blankets with the windows open...it feels like camping. Having the crisp morning and the gentle warmth of the afternoon. LOVE IT!! Although it is a conundrum when it comes to dressing the kids. I prefer long on top, short on the bottom. Kindof like a reverse clothing mullett.

My kids and I have been playing this game endlessly since Chad brought it home. It is so fun to see the kids' creativity as they build their creatures and have them evolve through life. It is also a great way to teach them about creation. Basically, this is not how God did it.

I know. I know. This is SO not on my list of "healthy eating options" but how can you deny a Fun Size Snickers? Or two? Frozen? With a glass of ice cold skim milk?

Birds on a wire
I don't know why I love them so much, but I absolutely love seeing hundreds of birds on telephone wires. There is something so community driven about it. All these birds with their little bird brains sitting on a wire waiting for one bird to take off so they can follow. And why aren't they getting electrocuted? Do they know which wires are live and which are safe? Do they remember or do they see poor old Uncle Frank get fried and fly to another one hoping for a different outcome? Inquiring minds want to know!


meredith said...

funny...we are so much alike!

i too, love birds on a wire. i enjoy the two mourning doves specifically.

ditto on Heartland...although i only get up there every once in a great while.

Weather & snickers & FALL...um, yeah!

what's that they say? imitation is the sincerist form of flattery.

Haverlee said...

ok, so thanks for informing the facebook community that you updated your blog because goofy me, i didn't even know you had a blog. and frankly, reading people's blogs is my favorite pastime while bennett is distracted. and i hate it when i click down my list of 5 or 6 blogs and no one has updated. so hopefully you won't let me down. love ya.