Friday, September 19, 2008

? of the day

Do you still have a relationship with your best friend from junior high?


Bethany said...

We were still pretty close in jr high, right? Umm, right?

meredith said...

yeah, like totally BFF's...i even still write her notes & send them to phoenix....are you my bff? circle yes or no.

most times it comes back yes.


Haverlee said...

i just went to the wedding this weekend of my best friend from 8th grade! I keep very few "best friends". I'm not what you'd call a social butterfly :)
Bennett sure is already though-- he had half the guests at the wedding cracking up with his peeing dog trick and flexing his muscles! I just looked on with pride.

Michalle said...

I have a casual contact with my bestie...we send birthday cards every year, maybe do lunch once or twice, and randomly do a massive email exchange whenever drama unfolds in our lives.

We'll always be close, even if we don't communicate on a regular basis. I like that. Safe and secure, but not needy. :-)