Friday, September 19, 2008

mad skills

i wish i had mad skills in 5 areas

  • Photography (i want candid pictures of my family that are stunning...not mediocre)
  • Painting (pictures, not walls...)
  • Mathematics ( i freeze up whenever math is is all Mrs. Wang's fault in 9th grade...actually I think it goes back to Mrs. Daniels ini 4th grade...)
  • Exercising (some people love to exercise...i wish i did)
  • Hair styling and make up (i am as low maintenance as they come only because I have no idea how to do my hair and make up)


Bethany said...

Manda Danda... Lemme tell you something girl. Dad took me to a Kodak class at DMACC when I was in 6th grade, and taking photography for three hours a day at Central Campus helped, but I highly highly recommend taking a class with these guys:

They offer classes for all different cameras. I have a pice of junk Canon Power Shot that is like five years old, but once I learned what all the buttons meant, I was able to coax a lot of pictures out of it.

That and take your camera everywhere, like in your purse, or keep it on hand, and not in a case, and you can end up with some great shots. I got Bub sleeping the other day with the sun coming in the windows behind him and it turned out kinda cute, I thought. Not trying to be preachy, just offering advice. Plus, look on flickr to get inspired. There are some AMAZING photos on there.

Math totally sucks and so does exercising, and if you can braid, you are way ahead of me on the hair. You don't even want to see me attempt makeup. After all, I'm the girl who had no idea how to use tampons, remember?

bethany piper's-mom arganbright said...

let me come over and teach you a super-easy 10-minute hair & make-up routine!
perfect skin + short hair =
low intimidation factor

you can do it!!!

bethany piper's-mom arganbright said...

p.s. i wish i had mad skills at figuring out how to freaking enable comments! i've read and re-read the "comments" portion of the Settings, to no avail.

manda said...

Bethany Arganbright-I typed in "How do I enable comments?" in the Help section. (tab in upper right corner of blog) and it tells you how to do it. I assume that is how it works.

Anonymous said...

I've had several friends take photography classes at DMACC. Not a full program or anything, just a couple classes. I gotta tell ya, they produce some beautiful photos. My home is full of them. They must be teaching something good out there. Maybe check into some night classes?

Deb said...

YouTube has been immensely helpful for me for makeup and hair. People have tutorials for EVERYTHING.