Friday, November 21, 2008


I am the quintessential dinner improviser. Chad calls it "jacking with the recipe". I call it being creative and using what I have in the cupboard. For instance, last night I had decided to make chicken stir-fry. I have the chicken in the skillet (I don't own a wok nor do I want one...that is why it is called improvisation--I improvise even with my cooking utensils-go ahead-call me a genius). Anyway, I had the chicken in the skillet. The rice was cooking away in my Pampered Chef microwave rice cooker. (Slick, huh? I have a rice steamer. We got it as a wedding gift. I have never used it. Maybe I should.) So, I start to digging in the freezer for the bag of "asian" vegetables. I keep digging. Poo! All I have is a bag of corn (not even a vegetable in my book) and a bag of mixed veggies (cornnotaveggie, green beans, peas, and carrots). Will it work? Of course it will! I am the queen of improvisation! I throw it in the skillet with the chicken, season it with alot of soy sauce, throw the cooked rice in, and hope for the best. Eh. Yeah. Don't ever use mixed veg in your stir fry. It was funky. Not good. I ate the chicken out of it and ditched the rest. The rest of the fam ate their rice and weird veggie combo. Won't do that one again. Lesson learned.

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Bethany said...

Next time you see Cat, ask her about the time I made her and Ben instant mashed potatoes.