Friday, November 21, 2008

? of the day

Would it bother you if someone ignored your friend request on facebook?
*edited to add explanation:
I have been ignored twice by the same person. At first I couldn't remember if I had requested him already and then I remembered that I had after I requested him for the second time and was ignored. I went to high school with him. Was in drama with him. I would say we were friends. He was my best friend's boyfriend. They are now married. She is not on facebook. We (meaning she and I) had a huge blow out about 2 weeks before graduation. Instigated by her. She called me out on all kinds of things in front of our mutual friends and I had no idea what she was talking about. I was devastated and completely humiliated. I tried to make the best of it so it wouldn't ruin the last couple weeks of high school. I was not aware if her boyfriend/husband had issues with me as well. I didn't think we did. So, now I have requested him and he has ignored twice. It REALLY bothers me!! I would love to know how he is doing (and how she is as well) but I guess the humiliation of asking again would just be setting myself up for more dissappointment. I love facebook but I think it brings out all my insecurities and just stupid old high school stuff. I think I am over it all but then something like this happens and it all comes back. Oy vey! I am such a dork!! So there you go!!
BA-I would LOVE to know who it is...although I think I already know....
Meredith-Maybe her computer and phone are broken...*sheepish grin*


b.a. said...

i don't think so. i usually forget who i put friend requests out to. also, i only ask people if i'm pretty certain we're actually friends. (or at least were...)
did this happen to you? or is it just a random question? there's one person whose request i've ignored MULTIPLE times and they still don't get the hint. i'm too chicken to post who it is. (it's a one-in-a-million chance they'd read this, but i'm not riskin' it!) i'll tell ya next time i see you. and i promise i'm not being mean, i just really don't think this person needs to be my facebook friend.

meredith said...

OH MAN, [cue can of worms opening]

I totally have requested a friend FOUR TIMES & she keeps ignoring me. i have been borderline stalkerish with some phone msgs. emails, etc....i am not proud of that, but i am SUPER-DOOPER offended & wondering what the !%#$^$%^$#%$#@%$# i did to make her not accept me as a FB friend....

we used to be VERY close friends who had lost touch. to my knowledge we DID NOT have a falling out, but her denial of my repeated friend request has gone ignored.

i have taken it very personally (which is silly of me), but the rest of it, no phone call back, no email reply, etc has really hurt my feelings & i don't understand what i've done!!

oh man, now i am all worked up. thanks a-lot manda.

haverlee said...

i hear ya about bringing up crappy highschool stuff. when i first joined myspace and started seeing pictures of all those people grown up, it just gave me really weird feelings. I think its kind of unnatural to know everything about everyone you ever knew. People grow apart for a reason! But yes, still addicting.

Bethany said...

Ooh, girl. I will be totally honest here and lay it all on the line for you.

You know me, and you know what a, hmmm... difficult person I could be. Look at how I spent my last years at DMCS... 45 days of in-school suspension, totally isolated from my friends and the 8th grade class trip, all over a misunderstanding. Only two people that year really stuck by me: Alissa DeGan with her unflagging loyalty and Chris Sterk with his updates from the classes and trips I could not attend.

A couple of years after that, I tried to off myself, spent a month in the loony bin, and then attempted to return to DMCS. How well do you think that went?

Long story longer, I enjoy, I mean really enjoy hearing about others and how they're doing. I love to celebrate people's successes and blessings, unless one of those blessings includes skinny upper arms. So the point is, on facebook, I only approach people I truly care to hear about, why put myself up for more ridicule than I have to?

That being said, I received multiple requests from a person I went to school with. This person was never really nice to me. I was always a joke to them. What's the point?

I ignored three requests, and then received a note with an apology. I thought that was really sweet, and added them. I responded to the note, and got nothing back. The person never acknowledges me. While looking at their wall, I saw it was all part of a numbers game.

Boy, did I feel stupid. Instead of dwelling on that, and my idiocy, I simply focus on all the wonderful people who I do care about, and who care about me.

If someone is ignoring you, it's their loss, and I mean that. You keep rocking with your sweet husband and adorable beyond words kids and forget about the dummies.

b.a. said...

now responding to your edit:
super-weird!!! even if this guy DID have issues with you (waybackwhen), why the eff would anyone hold onto that crap now?!!! *deepbreath* sorry. got a little worked up there. i guess we all still suffer from our never-resolved high school issues. but, i'd never deny someone fb friendship over an ages-old squabble! (haha, the "ages-old" remark is, in no way a jab at your age:)
and your first hint to my fb friend denial: initials are D.A.

Becka said...

Keep on it. After about the 34th request, he will add you.