Monday, November 17, 2008

mini mind purge

I am not sure what I want to write today...just feeling like I should up date my blog. Some word association would be good...some mind dumping. Hmmm...

Madeline is trying to overcome some friend issues at school. It breaks your heart to know that your daughter is the one at the brunt of other little second grade girls' attitudes and cattiness. I seriously want to punch them in the face when I see them after Madeline has had a bad day because of them but that isn't exactly the right thing to do. My Mama Bear instincts are in overdrive. I can't believe there is so much drama in second grade. One one hand it makes me sad that at a Christian school you have girls that can be so mean and on the other I think about how much worse it could be at a public school. I pray that Madeline keeps on the course of being the dynamic girl that God has created her to be and that her confidence is not shaken.

I have misplaced my password cheat sheet. I have torn the office apart looking for it. I seriously think the dog ate it. I am not kidding. She eats everything else, why not a piece of paper with vital information on it?

My husband is being transformed by the Holy Spirit and it has been so much fun to watch. He is being molded into an amazing man who is seeking God's face all the time. It brings tears to my eyes to think how far he has come. It brings joy to my spirit to see this new Chad interact with his kids in a way he never has. It brings love to my heart to see this man who I married eight years ago become the man that I knew he could be. *swoon*

Costco makes the best pumpkin pie. And it is cheap. And big. And oh, soooo yummy.


Bethany said...

Oh Madeline! I'll keep her in my thoughts! She is so sweet!

And Costco pumpkin pie... YUMMMM! Now I ahve to go to Costco!

Chad said...

ICK honey ... change your backdrop. :) Its almost impossible to read your blog now.


manda said...

Chad-Are you stalking me?? I just changed it!!

Anonymous said...

Of course he's stalking you...he's a man in love! haha

I keep hearing about Costco. I think it's a sign for me to discover that place.

b.a. said...

i set up every single account i have with the same password and "name" if i can. it's probably a terrible idea, but i always remember it! (don't tell anyone...)