Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Christmas lists

So if you follow Meredith's blog at all you will think I am a complete heathen but here goes...

Chad's list
*Sony docking station for his ipod
*Disney money
*XLT shirts that are between a sweater and a sweatshirt (good luck)

Manda's list
*orange 8g ipod nano
*Wicked tickets (or an IOU for said tickets)
*Life is Good bubble bath tee XXL
*Disney money

Madeline's list
*Anything American Girl
*Craft stuff
*Clothes (size 8 on top and bottom)
*Disney money

Eli's list
*Anything Star Wars
*Anything Lego
*Clothes (size 6 on top, 5 on bottom)
*Disney money


meredith said...

for reallllll??? no goats or anything? :) just teasing.

i have my own list compiled as well---shh, don't tell

Bethany said...

Yeah, there is a pink bicycle on my list. It's on, and much longer than yours.

Does that make me Super-Heathen?

Chad said...

Honey ... you should put up your email address so people could send donations via Paypal! hehehe you never know whos peeking at the blog. Maybe a long lost extremely giving relative :)