Thursday, November 27, 2008


Manda's Thanksgiving List

*My husband, Chad
He is my best friend, my rock, my soul-mate. We are so blessed to have each other. I can't imagine loving him more than I do right now. It was all God's orchestration that we found each other almost 9 years ago.

*My beautiful children, Madeline and Eli

They are truly my pride and joy. Madeline has an incredible heart after God. She is sensitive and kindhearted and always ready to laugh! Eli is such a little dude who loves to snuggle after a busy day of being a Jedi knight. I couldn't be more excited to see how God is going to use them for His kingdom!

*My parents
They have been married 40 years this year. They got married on my mom's 18th birthday. What a legacy they leave (not that they are going anywhere) to have gotten married so young and to still be so in love.

*My sister, Cinnamon, and her family (Scott, Mara, Sophie, Leo, Ian)
Cinnamon is my biggest cheerleader no matter what lame brained idea I have.

*My church

We have been at Heartland Assembly for about 3 months now. The worship is no holds barred. The preaching is straight from the Bible. The people there love God so much. It is contagious. It has awakened a love for Jesus unlike I have ever experienced in my adult life. My family is growing to know Him more and I couldn't be happier.

*My friends

I have the greatest friends ever. We don't need to talk everyday or see each other very often but we always pick up where we left off and I know they have my back. I have known some of them a couple years and others my whole life. Each one has a special place in my life and I couldn't be more blessed.

*My cats, Libby(pic included) and Betty(who I don't have any pics of)

I love my kitties. Libby is cranky and mean to everyone else but me. She is truly my cat. I love her crankiness and her ticked off face that she displays 90% of the time. She is the more social of the two but she is just plain cranky. Betty is a shy but very sweet little girl. She loves to have her belly rubbed but will run from you if you come up too quickly. She has adopted Madeline's bed as her hiding place from Lola (more on her later).

*My dog, Lola
I never thought I would be thankful for this stinky, drooly, big eared, sock stealing, shoe eating, cat terrorizing dog but she is growing on me. My favorite time with her is at night when Chad is home and she will settle down and snuggle me on the couch. Her big doofy ears and her big brown droopy eyes are the cutest ever and her saving grace from my wrath when her puppy instincts take control and she chews on my cell phone again and again.


Whoever came up with this idea is a stinking genius. It is such an easy way to connect with your friends now and an even better way to find old friendships. I have reconnected with some of my favorite people who I lost touch with for various reasons. What a joy it is to find a lost friend.

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