Tuesday, December 9, 2008

getting it all together

We are getting everything in order here at the Miller's for a blessed and fun fun fun Christmas. Our tree is up and decorated as only a Miller tree can be decorated. We don't have a pretty tree at all. I love going to houses that have a well balanced, coordinated, pretty tree and I can appreciate the esthetic...but I LOVE LOVE LOVE our goofy, crazy, weird tree. We have some of the craziest ornaments (thank you, Cinnamon) and we use colored lights (I know...doesn't seem so out there but I am amazed at how many pretty trees have plain white lights.)

I used a gift certificate to buy us all matching personalized stockings from Pottery Barn. They totally rock.

I have my list of baking ready to go...this year I am making caramels (no, you can't have the recipe...it is a guarded family secret...unless you ask my sister for it..lol), and then using some of the caramel to make pretzel rods dipped in caramel and chocolate. Trust me, they will knock your socks off they are SO good! I am making pecan pralines. I made them one year before and they were soooo good. They melt in your mouth and they make me feel like Paula Deen is my grandma. I am also making peanut blossoms. You know, the peanut butter cookie with the chocolate kiss in the middle. They are my all time favorite Christmas cookie. It used to be candy cane cookies. But as an adult I don't think candy cane cookies have much flavor. They probably didn't have much flavor as a kid either but I loved the shape. Plus they are a pain to make. My mom was a rock star to make them every year growing up. For all I know I was the only reason she made them. And I think that is it for my list to make this year. Caramels, dipped pretzel rods, pralines, and peanut blossoms. If I have time maybe I will make Snickerdoodles. They are my dad's favorite.

I have all my presents bought. I am still waiting for a package to arrive in the mail and then I will have it all. Yes! I need to start wrapping...I say need but it feels more like I get to start wrapping. I have the Santa paper for the kid's Santa presents. Yes, Santa has his own paper and it has to have Santa on it. And Yes, my kids still believe in Santa. Don't judge!! I am not the most creative when I wrap but the wrapping isn't what counts. I put ALOT of thought into every present that I get for people. I am not one to just buy something to buy it so I can cross it off my list. What is the point of that??

I am wanting to get my house spic and span by the time the kids are out of school. I have a week and a half to DEEP clean every knook and cranny. EEEK! That isn't much time but I want to be able to do fun crafty projects with the kids while they are home and I want Chad to be able to relax and I know how cranky he gets when the house is a mess. He did not marry Suzy Homemaker.


b.a. said...

i'm jealous of all your festivity!!! i have done exactly none of the above. however, i finally listened to a christmas record today after days of coming to your blog just to hear the music! ha!

Anonymous said...

Now that you mention it, I do miss colored lights on the tree! It was always that way as a child...so pretty. Somehow, I transformed and switched to clear. Maybe next year...

And those peanut blossoms...SUPERB!! Your home will smell delicious with all that cooking going on!

Bethany said...

Family trees full of memories are the BEST! Heck, we put up THREE trees of varying sizes! My trees are always envisioned in a way, and how they come out is... well... never how I envisioned, but the same is true of life, so I love it anyway!

I think next year, we might get REALLY crazy and do C9 bulbs on the tree! I am hyped!

Good luck with the cleaning! And I know what you mean about gifts. I love picking them out!