Wednesday, December 3, 2008

set backs

So today was the day to get all the Christmas decorations up. I don't have a ton like some people (my mother-in-laws*yes, you read that right* go crazy with the decorating and I totally would too if I had all the stuff and places to put it.) It was going to be a day of festivity and pure Christmas bliss.......

Eli started puking. He made it to the toilet a couple times. He didn't make it once. Of course I wasn't prepared for it at all. I scrambled for a bowl as he is hurling. Thankfully Chad's quilt washes well. Ugh.

I SuperGlued my fingers together and to Sally's angel wing. We (meaning Eli) broke our Peanuts Christmas Pageant music box (don't is way cool) last year. Sally's angel wing broke off and the star on the top did also. Thankfully, I saved the pieces where I knew I could find them and decided to be all McGyver to get them glued on. It didn't go well. They are attached but b.a.r.e.l.y.

Despite a couple set backs I did get all the decos up. The Nativity is arranged. The stockings are hung. The furniture is rearranged for maximum tree viewage. The tree spot is bare but I am hoping it will be filled soon (like in a couple days soon.) I am going to start wrapping presents tonight. Aaaahhhh...this is the life.


Bethany said...

That sounds exactly like the Holidays around here. Just substitute poop for puke and you are set!

And the Peanuts thing sounds awesome! I am a Rudolph nut, myself. Have you seen the replica "Lonely Christmas Trees" at Walgreen's for $9.99? They look exactly like Charlie Brown's poor little tree!

manda said...

Oh yes, I have seen that tree and then immediately bought it!! It is ADORABLE!!!!!