Monday, January 12, 2009

3 days

It is only 3 days until Madeline Renee's 8th birthday!!
Presenting her first 2 years...
Please excuse the spacing...I have tried fixing it 3 times and it won't change. Grrr..

Chad and Madeline at the hospital. She was 6lbs. and 19 inches long.

Mommy and Madeline (2 weeks old). Chad and I were going on a date to Target. Our first time away from her.

Easter 2001

In her (my) favorite jammies.

6 month pictures. She is holding our hands. My all time fave pic of her.

Halloween 2000 - Madeline as Dumbo or as "Baby Mine"

Our first (and last-eeek) family Christmas Picture 2001

She loves her baths.

She is just like her dad.

Summer fun 2002. We would spend hours outside while she would push her car back and forth on the deck.

Easter 2002

Blue fries and purple ketchup...ugh...what was I thinking?

She was in a toddler bed but she would sleep anywhere in her room. Usually camped out in front of her door.

She was obsessed with being Mary. She would ask us to put her blankie on her head at least 15 times a day and we had to call her Mary or she wouldn't answer us.

Her first bike - Christmas 2002.

Happy 2nd Birthday! Grammy made her a Tutter cake from Bear in the Big Blue House. Her favorite show.


Michalle said...

Those are SO cute!! The "Mary" thing is adorable. Definitely comes from having good parents. :-)

Chad said...

WOW time goes by so fast. I cant believe our princess is going to be 8 years old.

Thanks Michalle ... Jesus's blessing are definately on our family and our kids. We couldnt have made it this far without them.