Tuesday, January 13, 2009

the next 3 years

In anticipation of Madeline's 8th birthday on Thursday, I am posting a retrospective of her life. See the previous post for younger pictures.
Presenting Madeline age 2, 3, and 4
Hanging out with dad and some popcorn.

Wearing her first pair of panties. Strawberry Shortcake never looked so good.

Playing outside. Spring 2003

Not sure what to do with Eli (one week old).

Easter 2003
Madeline with her first pets, Miss Tina Black and Green Green. May they RIP.

Not exactly sure what was going on. Being a monster?

All decked out in Wiggles wear to see the Wiggles in Minneapolis.
June 2003

Madeline loved Cinderella. She would wear this dress everyday.

A touch of the Madeline attitude.

Having fun with Eli. Fall 2003
Trying out the potty.

Christmas 2003

Madeline still loved being Mary and Honey honey (her doll) was always baby Jesus.
Grammy brought over new summer stuff for the kids. Madeline has to try it on and pose.

Playing outside with Eli. Summer 2004

Eating corn on the cob. Yummy.
First day of 3 year preschool. Fall 2004

Happy 4th Birthday!! January 2005 She had a ballerina theme.

Hanging out. April 2005

With Miss Beasley the basset/beagle. She was only our dog for 5 weeks.

At Ashby park kiddie pool. Summer 2005
The Black Hills, South Dakota Our first family vacation.

Waiting for the lighting of Mount Rushmore. Summer 2005
First day of 4 year preschool. Fall 2005

Madeline's favorite past time. Coloring.

Being crazy with Libby Sniffer.

First major hair cut. I still regret cutting her hair. *sniff sniff*

Who knows. Underwear on her head and an empty wrapping paper roll.

Happy 5th Birthday!!!


haverlee said...

precious. thanks for sharing these pics. sniff, sniff.

4 more years til she can babysit my little baby!! (or babies, hopefully!)

Bethany said...

What a great idea! She is so a little you, so sweet and adorable! Hugs from the weird lady in St. Louis!