Thursday, January 15, 2009

a few more...

Continuing the retrospective of Madeline's life in celebration of her 8th birthday.
Madeline at age 5, 6, and 7
April 2007 at Eli's John Deere birthday.
First day of Kindergarten.
Beauty is pain for Christmas. 2007
Being a Jr. Cheerleader at school.
6th birthday!
Doing the crane at Eli's birthday party. April 2007
With Piper!
Holding Bennett at the hospital.
First day of 1st grade
Posing in front of the tree. 2007
Christmas 2007 with her American Girl doll, Julie.
Being Hannah Montana at her 7th birthday party.
American Girl Cafe Feb 2008
All gussied up for the Daddy/Daughter dance.
Lost a tooth!
First day of 2nd grade.
Being a gangsta.
Pilgrim Madeline at school.
Madeline with Betty before Betty went to a new home.
Christmas 2008


meredith said...

i love watching her grow up! this is such a great idea for celebrating her birthday.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Madeline!!! :-)

Those are some GREAT photos of her. She's absolutely beautiful.

b.a. said...

she looks SO old in that picture at the AG cafe! i love seeing all these and am so happy we've known her for all 8 of these years :)

haverlee said...

sweet funny crazy inquisitive adorable madeline. i feel honored that my baby boy made the "madeline montage" post!! can't wait to see you all tomorrow. bring your camera if you want a picture of the kiddos together. jon's friend lost ours last night...

Bethany said...


Chad said...

UGH! My beautiful princess is growing up way too fast. Time to start looking for a lie detector and learning how to use it.

For all of the prospective boys Im gonna have to scare away.