Saturday, January 24, 2009


I am going to blog throughout the day today...just for fun...check back often for if all my 9 (make that 8, Mara is following me twice) readers wait with bated breath for my next key stroke...

Woke up around 8 to the sounds of the vaccuum cleaner. Way to go, hubby. Had a protein shake for breakfast and watched Chad play some game demos on the XBox 360. Used my brilliant mind to solve a couple puzzling parts of a game. He needs me.

Madeline sorted through all their movies to find all the Disney movies. She is determined to watch them all before our trip in June. She put the non-Disney movies on top and the Disney on the bottom. She picked "The Incredibles" to watch.

We all watched the movie and I started to read the tenth book in a series I am reading. After a couple chapters I fell asleep curled up in the corner of the sectional with my head resting on clean clothes that need to be folded. They have been there for a few days. I want folding fairies to be real.

Warmed up pizza from Felix and Oscar's for lunch. Cheesetopper grinder with pepper jack cheese. Absolutely divine. Will need to eat veggies the rest of the day.

Eli picked out the next Disney flick. They are watching "Robin Hood." Chad's favorite. Chad is out to get his hairs cut, go to Petco to get the mongrel more rawhide to chew on. The beast will eat anything if she isn't given a chewing outlet. We found some in the raw hide bar at Petco that look like a braided wreath. She loves them and they last longer than a day, more like a week which is a miracle in itself. Chad is also going to Scheel's to buy new shoes. I hope he picks me up a prize (as long as it isn't edible and full of sugar.)

To be continued....

I decided to be more proactive about my kitchen. It is small and we don't have a pantry per se. We have a cupboard. So while the kids are snuggled in front of a movie I went for it.



Aaaahhhh, one cupboard down....on to the next one.

The kids are now watching "Sleeping Beauty" and Lola is in the puppy clink. She goes berserk when Chad isn't here and I don't have the patience. So kennel it is.

More coming later...

Holy cow! You are never going to believe the next cupboard. Chad is going to die from happiness!



Can you get over how awesome it looks??? I can't!!! I have a gigantic bag full of gross plasticware that will soon be joining the bag and a half of outdated food and spices from the 2 cupboards. It feels so good to get it all out of there!!!

Chad got home from Scheels with the same shoes he already has. Men are no fun. I took a bath while I read a book. I love baths. I have always wanted to be more like Ronda G. Hee hee hee. We found a place for the dog while Chad and I go to this equipping conference (that is a link-not sure why it isn't underlined on the blog-weird.) We need to find a place for our two other kids. Ha! There is bourbon chicken in the oven baking and that is about all for now.

The kids are bathed and in bed. Chad is watching some crazy movie about gamers and I just got done uploading pics to Facebook. I finished my book while the kids were in the tub (seperately, when Madeline started yelling for Eli to get his penis off her leg we figured joint baths were over.)

Another successful day in our house. Sweet dreams!


meredith said...

way to go....can u come over & do mine next??

i love this idea of blogging thru-out the day...makes mr feel like i am right there with you!

by the probably have more readers than u think. ;)

Bethany said...

Cabinet cleaning is soo fun! Did it at Mark's mom's once. We found wax paper from 1975! We found spices from the 60s! It was a trip and kinda gross. There is nothing like the feeling of a bag of trash and a space cleaned out!

LOL @ the joint bath problem!

I like the live blogging!

Anonymous said...

I am SO inspired by your organization! And, I have to know what books you're reading. I'm always looking for a good author with staying power.

b.a. said...

today is my day for cleaning out our food cupboard. i'm going grocery shopping and it MUST be done. now i'm extra-motivated! thanks!