Friday, February 6, 2009

puppy cam

Chad and I are going on a road trip. Actually we are on the road right now. I love my tech savvy hubby who rigged up internet access on his laptop in the car. We are going to the equipping conference in Minneapolis through Lutheran Renewal (link here).

We dropped the kids off at my mom's house this morning. Then off to the dog kennel to take Lola to doggie daycare. She will be there for 3 days. They have a puppy cam set up in there doggie daycare room. I have been watching it since we got the internet up in the car. There are some HUGE dogs in there! Lola goes in and out of the frame. She is hanging out in the corner where the camera can't see her but every time one of the kennel people walk through the room we can see her walk into the frame. I am glad she is doing okay. She isn't really interacting with the other dogs but I am sure she will get into the swing of things soon.

I can't believe I am more worried about the dog than my kids. Maybe it is because I know the kids are going to have a great time with my parents and they are going to be well taken care of. I am sure Lola is going to be well taken care of but I am worried that she is freaking out and is scared. I have already called the kennel once to check on her. Ohmy. I am a goofy dog owner.

If you want to check her out go here (link). She is the brown and white basset that you won't see very often. Lol!


Cin said...

That is so hysterical. I am dying. Ohmyword. I'm going to be obsessed with checking on her just because I can. *laugh*

Cin said...


Michalle said...

Oh god. I'm totally addicted. I have yet to see Lola, but I'm determined to stay on the mission until successful.

Chad said...

Your a couple of kooks!!

No not really ... since we pretty much watched it obsessively all the way up to Minneapolis. Oh and this morning before we left for the conference.