Sunday, February 8, 2009

post conference bliss

Chad and I are on the road coming home from the Equipping Conference in Minneapolis. It was an amazing time of spending time in worship, letting go of all the junk in our life to focus on our Saviour and King, spending time in His presence and not needing to be anywhere else.

Che' Ann spoke a couple times and John Arnott (from Toronto) spoke three times. Che' Ann spoke about being Kingdom minded and Kingdom hearted. He spoke about the 7 mointains of cultture (Family, Religion, Governement, Education, Business, Media, and Aarts & Entertainment) and how God in Deuteronomy said that we are to be the head, not the tail. In order to cause a reformation in this country and in the world we as believers in the ONE TRUE GOD need to position oursleves in the leadership roles of these mountains. There needs to be a shift in this country. It was all very good but discouraging at the same time since I have been strugglig with what my destiny is. What is my mountain? I came away from the conference feeling like my mountain is my family for right now. I have two children that I need to focus on. Two children that need a mom who is Kingdom minded and Kingdom hearted so they have an example to follow. What does that look like? I have no idea!

John Arnott had three sessions. The first one and second session were mostly about how we as Christians are "little anointed ones" and we have the power of the Holy Sirit in us and we can use it to heal others and to expand the Kingdom of God. The third and last session was about forgiveness and how having unforgiveness in your life can keep you from whole healing. I was listening to him speak trying to think of who I needed to forgive. I couldn't really think of anybody and then it hit me. I still had some unforgiveness in my life. Then john mentioned different people who you might need to forgive and my stomach was on fire. It was definitely confirmation that I needed to take care of it. So I went up for prayer and it is done. I have emptied out the unforgiveness and now there is all this room for the Holy Spirit to fill in all those crevices.

It was an amazing time to get refocused and to spend that time with Chad was more than I could handle at times. We are beyond blessed by our Lord and we are ready to venture what? I don't know but it is exciting! LOL!!

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Bethany said...

I'm so glad it went well! Sounds like you had a special time!